The Coyote Classic is a joint venture of the Tucson Kennel Club and the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club. Each of these clubs has two days of shows and the weekend is kicked off with groups shows and specialties. We hope you enjoy our events. Below are listed many of the people who help bring these events together. Please feel free to contact us.

Committee Chairman Email
Classic Chairman Jennifer DeVol
Classic Secretary Nancy Colonna
Classic Treasurer Betsy Greaves
Catalog Advertising Suzanne Browne
Emergency Response Plan Charlotte Borghardt
Exhibitors' Hospitality Leslie Alexander & Mary Woolverton
Fanciers Directory Ruthann McCaulley
Flowers & Decorations Betsy Greaves
Grounds & Set-Up Marianne Stephens
Grounds & Setup Assistants Jen & Mark DeVol & Mike Williams
Judges' Hospitality Ken Levison
Parking & Security Mark & Jennifer DeVol
Parking & Security Coordinator Marianne Stephens
Premium List Trish Huck
Public Relations Carol Page
Reserved Grooming Terry Janka
Seminar Charlene Shelton
Specialty Clubs Terry Janka
Specialty Assistant Wendie Bengson
Technology Mark & Jennifer DeVol
Vendors Winston Woolverton
Workers & Volunteers Hospitality Terry Janka

Tucson Kennel Club

  • Charlotte Bender
  • Betsy Greaves
  • Terry Janka
  • Ken Levison
  • Marianne Stephens
  • Wendie Bengson
  • Jenny Coomler

Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club

  • Charlotte Borghardt
  • Nancy Colonna
  • Jennifer DeVol
  • Mark DeVol
  • Winston Woolverton
  • Trish Huck
  • Christy Olthof

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