Reserved Grooming

In an attempt to provide the inside grooming facility to all our exhibitors in a fair manner and reduce the headaches associated with trying to get an indoor grooming space on Thursday, the Coyote Classic is offering two locations and multiple sizes of reserved grooming spaces in Old Pueblo Hall. All areas offer electricity. All exhibitors must bring their own extension cords and splitters.

The south end of Old Pueblo Hall will now be divided into a set of 4 Exhibit Rooms. Exhibit Rooms 1, 2 & 3 will be used for reserved grooming as follows:

Close to the rings, in the main section of Old Pueblo Hall, we will be offering a limited number of premium reserved grooming spaces as follows:

On-line ordering has closed.

If you prefer not to make reservations on-line, the completion of a Reserved Grooming form is required. The form for advance reservations is not currently available, please check back on Thursday, September 29, 2022 after 5:00 PM PT

Unreserved Grooming

There are no unreserved grooming areas in Old Pueblo Hall. There is ample tenting, with electrical distribution boxes, provided by the Classic around the outside conformation rings. There is also ample space on the Polo Field for exhibitors to set up their own portable tenting.


Bathing of dogs will be in tubs provided by the Classic, located outdoors, southeast of Old Pueblo Hall and south of the outdoor ring area. No dog bathing will be permitted in any other area of the Fairgrounds.


The Classic Committee and the show committees reserve the right to require the stacking of crates and any other remedies it may deem necessary for space in non-reserved areas on a case-by-case basic at their discretion. We encourage exhibitors to use their space efficiently to allow everyone the opportunity to have space.

No crates or pens will be allowed within 20 feet of any ring.

Reserved Grooming Area
Booster Baths

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