Information on pet-friendly hotels or motels for the Tucson, AZ area can be found at the following web sites: Pets Welcome and Bring Fido


We remind you that any hotel or motel used by exhibitors is considered a part of the show grounds and is subject to the same disciplinary action as that for an incident occurring on the show grounds. (AKC: “Dealing With Misconduct”, Section II) Provision has been made for each establishment to communicate with the Event Chairperson. Misconduct or abuse or destruction of motel/hotel property will be cause for Event Committee action which may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of AKC privileges. Tucson Kennel Club, Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club and/or the Coyote Classic reserve the right to decline future entries from the offending party in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 11, Section 15 of The Rules Applying to Dog Shows.

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