It has always been possible to experience beautiful sunny days along with wind, heat, freezing temperatures, and rain during the Coyote Classic weekend - sometimes all in the same year. So, for a few years now, the Coyote Classic committee has considered moving to be an all indoor event. Then the pandemic drove our local tenting company into bankruptcy and we got quite the sticker shock trying to replace them when we came back in 2021. Additionally, other prices keep rising and it takes alot of heavy labor to setup outdoors. So early this year, after studying costs, layouts, etc, the Coyote Classic committee decided to move all conformation indoors.

Only offering Obedience and Rally outside opens up space on the Polo Field to offer multiple days of FastCAT. If that goes well, we hope to grow the variety of events we can offer there in the future, for our exhibitors and their dogs.

The Tucson Kennel Club and the Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club hope our exhibitors realize that this decision wasn't taken lightly. We realize it may take a couple of years of fine tuning to smooth everything out. We want to provide great dog events for many years to come and feel these changes are needed to be able to continue to do so.

The change to all indoors, as well as some changes at the fairgrounds themselves, impact parking, grooming, and traffic flow at the Classic. Hopefully the following FAQ will answer your questions, but if it doesn’t, please feel free to email

Q. How will I know where to setup? Will I have to flip between the buildings to show my dogs?
Working, Sporting, and Herding, including the specialties in these groups, will be in Thurber Hall.
Hounds, Toys, Non-Sporting, and Terriers will be in Old Pueblo Hall.
Group competitions will be held in Old Pueblo Hall.
While there maybe rare exceptions, we will make every effort to keep a breed in the same hall throughout the Classic.

Q. Is there any free grooming inside?
A. We will now offer some (free) unreserved grooming in Old Pueblo and Thurber Halls. We will continue to offer a small amount of reserved grooming in Old Pueblo Hall. There will be ringside Premium Reserved Grooming in both Old Pueblo Hall and Thurber Hall. See Grooming

Q. Where can I setup a popup?
A. Thurber Hall is surrounded by nice grass and shady trees, excellent for setting up outside. There is power along the north side of the building. We will still have Obedience, Rally, and FastCAT on the field, so that is also an option for your popups. There are even areas along the southside of the field where you can back a car up and popup your tent. The field has easy access to both halls.
NO ONE may drive onto the field AT ANY TIME with the exception of Box Vans in the designated Box Van area!

Q. What traffic changes are being implemented this year?
A. When you arrive at the entrance to the Fairgrounds on Brekke Road, you will need to have a destination in mind. To go to Old Pueblo Hall, head to the right and follow the signs to the unloading area. Handicap exhibitors will find parking close to the building, while others will need to follow the signs east to parking on the east side of Pima Hall.
For those going to Thurber Hall, head to the left and follow the signs around to the east gate. There is a Handicap parking lot located close to Thurber Hall, or you can come into the gate and follow the signs to the Thurber unloading area. From there you will be guided to parking in the midway.
If you are heading to Obedience, Rally, FastCAT, Box Van parking or just want to setup on the field, head to the left and come in through the east gate where you will follow signs to the field.

Q. Why can't I just drive between Old Pueblo Hall and Thurber Hall?
A. For the safety of our exhibitors, spectators, and our dogs, we will not allow vehicle traffic in the area between Old Pueblo Hall, Central Park, Thurber Hall, and the Beer Garden. If you want to drive between the Halls, you will need to go outside this area and go around. You can easily walk between the buildings and the field.

Q. Are there changes to Box Van parking this year?
A. Because we aren't using the field for conformation, we are setting up 15' wide Box Van spaces on the north side of the field, close to Old Pueblo Hall, but also convenient to Thurber Hall. These will only be available starting on Wednesday afternoon. RV spaces maybe rented earlier in the week until these are available.
On the west side of Thurber Hall, we are creating ten 15' wide spaces with nice grass and shade in front for ex-pens. Be sure to select 'BVT (Box Van Thurber) spaces. See Box Van Reservations

Q. Are there changes to RV parking this year?
A. The Pima County Fairgrounds ripped out the old RV spaces across from the north side of Thurber Hall and replaced them with beautiful 50-amp full hookup spaces which will be available through our parking sales this year. See Parking

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