The Coyote Classic Dog Shows offers handlers with a Box Van or Van day-of-show parking along the south side of the polo field. Five spaces closest to where the Basenjis will be showing during the Classic will be made available during this early sales period. After reviewing the Box Van zone information, click the Buy Me! link. You will be taken to our ThunderTix site to complete the reservation process.

Handlers who prefer, may instead reserve an RV space to park their Box Van/Van in, however they will need to pay RV prices for those spaces. Reserve an RV space here.

If Box Van parking reservations are made in advance, there is a guarantee of power. Only a limited number of Box Van spaces purchased at the gate will have power.

The Box Van or Van should be parked such that exercise pens can be setup in front of the vehicle on the grass.

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BCA Reservation Schedule

Below are some important dates and times to keep in mind.

Online Sales for BCA open: September 9, 2019 @5PM PT
Online Sales for BCA close: September 23, 2019 @5PM PT
NOTICE to Non-BCA Exhibitors
This page is reserved for BCA use only. If you are not a BCA exhibitor, then please go to the Box Van page. Any reservations made by a non-BCA exhibitor will be canceled.


  • Rates: 11/12 after 3PM through 11/19: $245
    11/14 after 2PM through 11/19: $175
  • Surface: Dirt with grass in front of vehicle for exercise pens.
  • Width restriction: 20'
  • Length restriction: 30'
  • Limited, 20 amp (need long extension cords), 1st come, 1st served
  • Close to outdoor conformation, obedience and rally rings.

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